Chef Infra 16 adds YAML recipe support

Latest Chef introduces ‘low code’ YAML recipes, a slimmed down client, and a more straightforward and predictable method for creating custom resources

Chef Infra 16 adds YAML recipe support
First Run Features

Infrastructure-as-code specialist Chef has released a new version of its platform – Chef Infra 16 – as it aims to reduce the learning curve for new customers, while also addressing common pain points for existing users.

Chef Infra 16 adds the ability to now write recipes in YAML, the popular data serialization language commonly used for configuration files. Chef Infra 16 also introduces support for several Linux distributions on ARM processors including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, Amazon Linux 2, Ubuntu 20.04, and Suse Linux Enterprise 15.

The vendor also says it has reduced the disk footprint of the Chef Infra client by 33 percent and significantly improved the client’s performance on Windows. And it has added a new Unified Mode for writing custom resources that makes it easier to determine how code will be evaluated and run.

The introduction of Chef Infra 16 means the end-of-support for Chef 14 and older. Customers should upgrade as soon as possible if they want to continue receiving security updates and support, and to gain access to new capabilities.

“As of May 1st, 2020, the only supported, warrantied, and tested distributions of Chef’s software will require a license for commercial use,” the vendor noted in its release. 

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