The best free data science courses during lockdown

6 excellent online courses and one book to learn statistics, machine learning, and deep learning while you’re locked in the house

The best free data science courses during lockdown

If you are locked down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you just might have some extra time on your hands. Binging Netflix is all well and good, but perhaps you are getting tired of that and you would like to learn something new.

One of the most lucrative fields to open up in the last couple of years is data science. The resources I list below will help those technical enough to understand math at the level of statistics and differential calculus to incorporate machine learning into their skill sets. They might even help you start a new career as a data scientist. 

If you already can program in Python or R, that skill will give you a leg up on applied data science. On the other hand, the programming isn’t the hard part for most people — it’s the numerical methods.

Coursera offers many of the following courses. You can audit them for free, but if you want credit you need to pay for them.

I recommend starting with the book The Elements of Statistical Learning so that you can learn the math and the concepts before you start writing code.

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