Go language use still anchored in technology companies

Go Developer 2019 Survey finds most Go developers work for tech companies, and most want to keep using Go

Go language use still anchored in technology companies
Paweł Czerwiński (CC0)

While the Google-developed Go (golang) language has branched out into industries such as finance and media, much of its usage remains concentrated in the technology industry itself, according to the Go Developer 2019 Survey.

A report featuring results of the survey was published on April 20. Forty-three percent of respondents reported working in the technology sector while 12 percent were in financial services, 9 percent in media/gaming, and 7 percent in retail/consumer packaged goods.

A large majority of respondents said Go was working well for their teams (86 percent) and that they would prefer to use Go for their next project (89 percent). Fifty-nine percent described Go as critical to the success of their companies.

Other findings in the survey include:

  • The most common areas of use for Go were web development (66 percent), databases (45 percent), and network programming (42 percent).
  • The most common specific uses of Go were building API/RPC services (71 percent) and CLIs (62 percent).
  • The most-cited reasons respondents were unable to use Go more were working on a project in another language (56 percent), working with a team that prefers another language (37 percent), and the lack of a critical feature in Go (25 percent). Among the latter, generics was cited by 79 percent as the critical missing feature.
  • Asked to identify as many as five of their preferred languages, respondents cited Go, Python, Rust, Java, and C#, in that order.
  • Asked to identify their primary development platforms, 31 percent reported developing with Go only on Linux, followed by 26 percent using only MacOS and 9 percent using only Windows. 
  • Usage of the three largest global cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure) is trending up among Go developers. On-premises deployments to self-owned or company-owned servers continue to decrease and are now statistically tied with AWS as the most-common deployment targets. 
  • AWS EC2 (65 percent) and Google Kubernetes Engine (64 percent) were the most common deployment mechanisms.
  • Visual Studio Code was the most-preferred editor among Go developers, cited by 41 percent. The runner-up was Goland/IntelliJ at 34 percent.

All told, The Go Developer Survey 2019 Survey fielded 10,975 respondents, although not all completed the entire survey. The number of respondents was nearly twice as large as the previous year.

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