What’s new in Angular 10.1

First point release of Angular 10 offers fixes and enhancements to address performance regressions, core and router bugs, and more

What’s new in Angular 10

Angular 10.1.0, a follow-up point release to Angular 10, was released September 2, bringing performance improvements to the compiler and router along with a new message extraction tool. 

Angular 10 became generally available as a production release on June 24. The major upgrade to the Google-developed, TypeScript-based framework put more emphasis on quality, tool, and ecosystem improvements than new features.

Angular 10 is smaller than previous versions of Angular. New capabilities include a new date range picker in the Angular Material UI component library and warnings for CommonJS imports. CommonJS import warnings alert developers when a dependency packaged with CommonJS could result in larger, slower applications, allowing developers to substitute an ECMAScript module bundle.

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