What’s new in Angular 10

Major upgrade of the popular Google-created web framework is now available as a production release

What’s new in Angular 10

Angular 10, a major upgrade to the popular web development framework, is generally available as a production release, arriving June 24. The upgrade to the Google-developed, TypeScript-based framework puts more emphasis on quality, tool, and ecosystem improvements than new features.

Angular 10 is smaller than previous versions of Angular. New capabilities include a new date range picker in the Angular Material UI component library and warnings for CommonJS imports. CommonJS import warnings alert developers when a dependency packaged with CommonJS could result in larger, slower applications, allowing developers to substitute an ECMAScript module bundle.

In addition, optional stricter settings offer a more-strict project setup when creating a new workspace with ng new, via ng new -- strict. Enablng this flag initializes a new project with new settings to improve maintainability, help catch bugs, and allow the CLI to do advanced optimizations on an app.

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