PaaS, CaaS, or FaaS? How to choose

Key questions and considerations when choosing a cloud architecture for container-based applications

PaaS, CaaS, or FaaS? How to choose
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Imagine walking into a grocery store that specializes in hamburgers—all kinds of hamburgers, but only hamburgers. When it comes to hamburgers, though, the store’s options are endless. 

If you’re a hamburger chef, go to aisle one to find the beef, chicken, and other protein options, along with all the cheeses, types of bread, vegetables, condiments, and other ingredients you might want to build your own hamburger and sides. There is even a selection of plates and containers for packaging the meal.

If you lack the time, skills, or interest to assemble the hamburger yourself, then head over to aisle two where you can buy one of the hamburgers-in-a-kit. Along with the classic options, there’s a kit for an organic burger, a vegan option, and even a keto diet one. Just follow the directions in the kit, and you should have one yummy burger.

Only then, as you’re standing in the checkout line, your boss calls. She says you need to make 300 burgers of different types in the two hours before lunch. Plus, in addition to making the burgers, you have to operationalize a process to serve them and get paid. You’ll have to be careful because some customers want special orders and others will try to cut the line and steal their lunch.

Lastly, there will be a health and safety inspection during lunch, so whatever you do better comply with the regulations. And sorry, but you’ll only have a couple of people working with you, and they also have little experience with this type of operation.

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