Microsoft updates Visual Studio roadmap

Planned improvements include better integration with Git and online environments, enhancements to C++, .NET, Blazor, XAML, and Xamarin

Microsoft updates Visual Studio roadmap

Microsoft has updated its roadmap for the Visual Studio IDE through June 2020. Improvements planned for the coming months range from better Git integration and snappier performance to enhancements for C++ and diagnostics.

Better Git integration is cited as an improvement eyed for the IDE core. Plans for Visual Studio core also include using Visual Studio as a client for online environments and boosting support for networks using conditional access. Improving the IDE’s performance when opening and working with large solutions also is a goal. Microsoft also cites a button to refresh search results and references windows.

Developers interested can offer feedback on the roadmap, which was published February 25. Microsoft’s update to the Visual Studio roadmap also lists work planned in the following areas:


  • C++ 20 conformance including having C++ 20 concepts in IntelliSense.
  • Implement std:span for the C++ standard library in the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler and standard toolset standard library.
  • Support for C++ 20-style coroutines.
  • Improve targeting of Linux and other Unix-like systems from Visual Studio with C++.
  • Ease CMake development including offering code navigation for CMake scripts.
  • Support for 64-Clang/LLVM.


  • Improve built-in features for common tasks including the addition of headers to source files automatically when configured using Editor.Config.
  • Debugging improvements.
  • Automatically moving code renames namespaces.
  • Remove unused references in projects and solutions.
  • Extract members of an existing class into a new class.


  • Improving profiling tools for more-performant ASP.NET apps.
  • Improving inner-loop tools.
  • Improving tools for .NET Core on Linux.
  • Enablling decompiled code when source is not enabled.
  • Improve platform diagnostic tools, including debugging support for applications built with the Open Enclave SDK.

Web tools

  • Introduce support for Blazor Wasm (WebAssembly) debugging and enable Blazor WASM project creation using identity providers.
  • Better experience for configuring and provisioning Azure cloud services.
  • Improve the publish experience for App Service Linux.


  • Better productivity when building XAML apps, including improving the XAML Designer for .NET Core WPF and UWP.
  • Build Windows10X applications.


  • Improve the debugging of XAML UI using tools such as Visual Tree and Hot Reload.
  • Build Android UIs with the XML editor.
  • Use Hot Restart for better build efficiency on mobile platforms.
  • Build mobile applications using .NET 5.

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