How to return data from ASP.NET Core Web API

Learn the three ways you can return data from your ASP.NET Core Web API action methods

How to return data from ASP.NET Core Web API

We have three ways to return data and HTTP status codes from an action method in ASP.NET Core. You can return a specific type, return an instance of type IActionResult, or return an instance of type ActionResult. 

Although returning a specific type is the simplest way, IActionResult lets you return both data and HTTP codes, and ActionResult<T> lets you return a type that extends IActionResult. An ActionResult can be used to send an HTTP status code, data, or both from an action method.

This article presents a discussion of how we can return data in ASP.NET Core Web API using each of those types, with relevant code examples in C#. 

To work with the code examples illustrated in this article, you should have Visual Studio 2019 installed in your system. If you don’t already have a copy, you can download Visual Studio 2019 here

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