Keeping your enterprise AI expertise up to speed

AI is such a significant force, you can’t afford not to stay on top of the ever-changing developments

Keeping your enterprise AI expertise up to speed

Artificial intelligence (AI) could not be a more strategic enterprise technology. As we move into the ’20s, the most disruptive business applications will be those that incorporate machine learning, deep learning, and other forms of AI.

AI has become the brain driving cloud-native enterprise applications. Developers everywhere are embedding AI microservices to imbue cloud applications with data-driven machine learning intelligence. Increasingly, there is no substitute for the sophisticated AI that performs high-speed inferencing on sensor-sourced data and on data acquired from applications, clouds, hub gateways, and other online resources.

Staying abreast of AI trends, technologies, and applications is fundamental to success in modern business, even if you’re not a data scientist or machine learning specialist. Companies that innovate with AI will dominate their industries for decades to come.

Build a top-notch enterprise AI competency

Considering how ubiquitous and dynamic the AI industry has become, keeping your enterprise AI expertise up to snuff can be a challenge. If nothing else, you should make sure that your company implements a far-reaching program of AI skills, processes, tools, platforms, and methodologies that covers the following major points:

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