How to modernize enterprise web applications

Five guiding principles for building, managing, monitoring, and maintaining state-of-the-art web applications

Modern web applications have a lot riding on them. Our customers depend on them, and our business depends on them. Without modern web applications, many businesses would not survive.

Modern web applications must scale to our biggest needs without suffering outages or other availability issues. In order to meet and exceed this high bar, we must build, manage, and monitor our applications using modern principles, processes, and procedures. 

There are five guiding principles that a modern application requires in order to meet the expectations described above.

Principle #1. Use service-based architectures

Modern applications are large and complex, too complex to be handled as a single entity by a single team. Instead, multiple teams are required to develop, test, support, and operate these applications. This is not easy when the application is a single, large monolith.

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