3 ways to kick off a devops program

Timing is everything, but so is knowing how CI/CD, IaC, and AIops can impact your business

3 ways to kick off a devops program
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Devops represents a culture change in how development and operation teams partner, and a set of best practices that drive automation, reliability, and speed in deploying changes. The alignment is driven by a shared understanding between agile development teams who want to release code to production frequently and by operations employees who must support high reliability, security, and scalability of applications, databases, infrastructure, and networks.

Automations such as CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) and IaC (infrastructure as code), platforms built using containers, and environments managed with AIops are all devops practices and technologies. For many organizations, maturing these primary devops practices may require hiring people with the needed skills, training others, testing new technologies, iterating on the implementation, and developing approaches to scale and standardize practices.

Although it might be tempting to experiment with all these practices, in reality it can be a tall order for many technology teams. It’s more practical to identify a small area to start, rack up some wins, and then expand the program.

Understanding business and technical objectives

Whenever a technology organization invests in a new tool or practice, it’s best to consider the drivers, impacts, and KPIs (key performance indicators) that underpin the initiative. Before kicking off a devops program, the team should identify a handful of business sponsors and develop a statement identifying and prioritizing problems and opportunities. Some example problems might be:

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