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Learn the basics of electrical engineering for only $25 today.

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Without electrical engineers, everything from your home lighting to your smartphone wouldn’t work properly. Needless to say, electrical engineers make our world go round, and it’s them who spearhead the latest innovations in tech. If you’re intent on creating the world’s next revolutionary product, you’ll at least need to understand the basics, and this bundle will get you up to speed for just $25.

The Ultimate Electrical Engineering Master Class Bundle features 5 comprehensive courses on how to become an electrical engineer. If you’re new to the field, you should consider taking the Complete Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineering first. This will introduce you to the fundamentals of DC circuits such as nodes, branches, and loops. You’ll also learn important theorems such as Kirchoff laws using hundreds of examples. Near the end of the course, you’ll finally learn how to apply all of your new knowledge towards practical applications. Once you’ve completed this course, the additional courses will delve deeper into topics such as electric substations, distribution, DC machines, and even solar energy. 

Your first step towards becoming an electrical engineer is mastering the fundamentals, and the Ultimate Electrical Engineering Master Class Bundle has all the knowledge needed to do so. You can grab this 5-course bundle on sale for $25, or 97% off.

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The Ultimate Electrical Engineering Master Class Bundle - $25

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