.NET Framework APIs that won’t be coming to .NET 5.0

A year from the shift to .NET 5.0, Microsoft has told us what the next big .NET release will leave behind

Microsoft’s shift to a new .NET is nearly complete. .NET Core 3.0 is here, and it’s the foundation for next year’s big bang release of .NET 5.0. That’s when .NET Core becomes the main development branch for all of .NET, and the old .NET Framework slides off into a well-deserved retirement and a very long support lifecycle.

That doesn’t mean all your existing .NET code will run on .NET 5.0. To be honest, odds are it won’t. This is the new Microsoft, not the old, and keeping legacy code alive is no longer a priority. Yes, Microsoft will help you move to the new framework, but you’ll need to do a fair bit of heavy lifting to get your code in shape for the transition. Unless you plan to stay on the .NET Framework forever, you have a year or so to use .NET Core 3.0 as a proving ground for a new, cross-platform .NET future.

The long road to .NET 5.0

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