30 top SaaS companies for business

These leading SaaS providers offer IT management, business management, marketing, productivity, collaboration, and other applications from the cloud.

The top SaaS companies for business
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More companies are relying on software as a service (SaaS) as a cloud-based option for delivering a variety of software applications to end users. Fortunately, they have a broad selection of SaaS applications from which to choose.

Companies today can access all sorts of applications via the cloud from a large number of SaaS providers. While some of the most well-known of these deliver core business applications, there are lots of vendors that provide more specialized applications via the SaaS model.

Here are 30 major SaaS players offering marketing, advertising, document and content management, collaboration, e-commerce, human resources, accounting, subscription-based services management, software analytics, and much more.


Anaplan’s cloud-based platform is designed to help companies transform the way they see, plan, and run their business. The platform is aimed at a variety of business functions including finance, supply chain, human resources, sales, and marketing. It replaces siloed spreadsheets and “point solutions” with a single system to house data that can be accessed via a dashboard.

The company calls its approach “connected planning,” with users able to work in Anaplan from any location to model scenarios, review performance, predict future trends, and develop data-driven budgets, forecasts, and plans that are automatically updated to reflect real-time data and deliver real-time insights.

In addition to the company’s proprietary Hyperblock technology, the Anaplan platform is embedded with several artificial intelligence and machine learning components. These include PlanIQ, a forecasting tool designed to help users create more accurate forecasts. Anaplan offers PlanIQ as a managed service, including sales forecasting, commercial revenue planning, profit center revenue forecasting, operating expense forecasting, and workforce planning.

PlanIQ automatically converts data into forecast engine formats to avoid manual data preparation and allow users to focus on more productive activities. A wizard-like user interface simplifies model configuration and training.

Anaplan says it has more than 1,700 global customers and a network of more than 175 global partners, including Deloitte, Wipro, and Accenture.  

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