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Learn Scrum and Six Sigma and prepare for your PMP exam with this $29 bundle

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Whether you’re interested in managing a team or you just want to better communicate your goals with your colleagues, project management skills will come in handy. Many people learn how to manage a team on the job, and while hands-on experience is invaluable, learning a structured approach to project management will make your team much more effective. If you want to learn the skills necessary to keep your team running at peak efficiency, this $29 bundle is for you.

The Complete Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle features 8 courses on several approaches to project management. If you’re new to this, the best course to read is Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM) 6th Edition, which introduces you to core project management philosophies such as integration, communications, and stakeholder management.

You can further hone your skills with Project Management Professional (PMP) 6th Edition, which covers advanced concepts like project lifecycles and risk management. Both of these courses aim at helping you ace the CAPM and PMP certification exams, which you can use to impress your current and future employers. This bundle also includes courses on popular project management methodologies like Scrum and Six Sigma.

Learning how to run a team efficiently will save you and your colleagues time and money while satisfying your customers. This Complete Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle contains all the knowledge you need to do so for $29, or 97% off.

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Complete Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle - $29

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