What’s next for the cloud data warehouse

Global data-driven decision-making requires a cloud-agnostic, unified data management platform that crosses regions, continents, and cloud providers

What’s next for the cloud data warehouse

If multicloud is the strategy for data warehousing today, then cross-cloud is its vision for tomorrow. This prediction comes from a universal need to seamlessly move and exchange data across different regions within the same cloud provider and even across different clouds.

Circumstances such as geographic location and the incompatibility of cloud platforms hinder the goal of globally accessible data. As a result, companies struggle to securely share data across an enterprise (and beyond), to manage latency between business locations, and to bring together silos of data that result from using multiple clouds.

Change is on the horizon. Soon, all organizational data will know no borders. No matter where they store data or which cloud providers they use, companies will access all of their data from anywhere and everywhere, if they choose to do so. 

Data limitations today

Although the benefits of the cloud are well documented, cloud service providers have yet to deliver on its full promise due to two significant factors:

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