10 open source projects proving the power of Google Go

Go has become the programming language of choice for forward-thinking projects, especially cloud projects

10 open source projects proving the power of Google Go
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Now 10 years in the wild, Google’s Go programming language has certainly made a name for itself. Lightweight and quick to compile, Go has stirred significant interest due to its generous libraries and abstractions that ease the development of concurrent and distributed (read: cloud) applications.

But the true measure of success of any programming language is the projects that developers create with it. Go has proven itself as a first choice for fast development of network services, software infrastructure projects, and compact and powerful tools of all kinds.

Here are 10 noteworthy projects written in Go, many of which have become more famous than the language they were written in. All of them have made a significant mark in their respective domains. All of the projects featured here are hosted on GitHub, so it’s easy for the Go-curious to take a peek at the Go code that makes them tick.


You would have a hard time finding a better success story for Go than Docker. In a little more than a year, this software containerization technology became the poster child for Go’s suitability to large-scale, distributed software projects. The Docker team liked Go because it offered a slew of benefits: static compilation with no dependencies, a strong standard library, a full development environment, and the ability to build for multiple architectures with minimal hassle.

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