TigerGraph launches graph database as a service

TigerGraph’s native parallel graph database designed for multi-hop analytic queries is now available as a managed service

TigerGraph launches graph database as a service
Joshua Lee (CC0)

TigerGraph, maker of the TigerGraph native parallel graph database designed for deep link analytics, has introduced TigerGraph Cloud, a graph database-as-a-service platform.

The service, priced on a usage basis, saves users from having to configure and manage their own graph databases. With the cloud service, a proof of concept can be built via TigerGraph Starter Kits, covering real-world use cases such as fraud detection, real-time recommendation, or supply chain analysis.

Anchoring TIgerGraph Cloud is the TigerGraph 2.5 database, which features pattern matching and data processing functions. Capabilities featured in TigerGraph Cloud include:

  • Scaling of a graph solution to tens of terabytes, with support for more than 100,000 deep link analytic queries per second on a single machine.
  • The ability to model, search, and traverse relationships for analytical, real-time, and transactional workloads.
  • SQL-like querying to find patterns, make predictions, perform real-time transactions, and gain insights.

Previously, users have been able to deploy TigerGraph to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud instances. But users themselves have had to deal with configuration, running, and loading data sets. The new cloud service offloads these responsibilities to TigerGraph.

Assisting with deployments are the starter kits, which have three distinct elements: a prebuilt database schema, a set of best practice queries, and a sample data set. TigerGraph says that users can “start in minutes, build in hours, and deploy in days.” Users can begin with a free trial at the TigerGraph Cloud starter website.

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