6 top-notch tools for React developers

Facebook’s JavaScript UI library has sparked an ecosystem of companion tools and frameworks

The Facebook-developed React JavaScript library, a declarative, component-based technology for building web UIs, has gained traction with developers in recent years.

Offering developers efficiency and flexibility, React—aka React.js—debuted to the public in May 2013. Since then the open source library has been starred more than 135,000 times on GitHub and forked more than 25,000 times.

Not surprisingly, an ecosystem of companion tools has sprung up around React, including an IDE and a number of frameworks. Here are 6 key tools available for developers looking to leverage React when building their web applications. 


Reactide is a dedicated IDE for React web development. Running an integrated Node.js server and a custom browser simulator, Reactide users do not have to fuss with configuring servers or build tools. Nor do they have to flip back and forth between the browser, IDE, and server. A live reloading capability lets developers track changes right in the development environment. Other capabilities include:

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