Cross-Platform Tools for System and IoT Developers

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Bringing up a system for the first time, or developing for an IoT device, has unique challenges that can be addressed by downloading and using Intel System Studio.

This suite of tools is tailored to the special needs of device manufacturers, embedded and IoT application developers, and system integrators. It is an all-in-one, cross-platform tool suite that aims to simplify system bring-up and optimization of IoT applications on Intel platforms. 

Meeting the Needs of More Complexity + Shorter Development Cycles

Solution complexity has grown exponentially, in recent years, in IoT, industrial, automotive, retail, healthcare, comms, and networking applications. Shrinking timelines, limited resources, and rigorous requirements for quality and performance optimization mean that software development teams can really benefit from effective and insightful tools.

Intel System Studio is specifically designed with these challenges in mind, to help make developers more efficient through better tools. The suite simplifies system and IoT application development in order to make the move from prototype to product easier and more predictable. Intel System Studio includes debuggers, analyzers, optimizing compilers, highly tuned libraries, and code wizards and samples that make it easy to get started.

System Bring-up and Debug

Starting with the earliest stages of development, Intel System Debugger provides system debug and trace capabilities to help build a reliable platform. The ability to quickly analyze often complex hardware and software interactions to pinpoint and resolve system issues, and increasing reliability, are important steps to a great system. Intel Trace Hub capabilities in the processor allows you to aggregate traces from different sources, and Intel System Debugger helps visualize these system-wide traces from software, firmware, and hardware components. The source line debugger provides deep insights into the Intel architecture, aided by a wizard-driven platform detection mechanism for fast connection to Intel processors and chipsets.

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Closed Chassis Debugging is well supported – for both the earliest system debugging starting immediately after with CPU reset and for development where an OS boot can be assumed.

Intel System Studio also has tools for insights into optimization for performance, as well as tuning for power efficiency.

Performance Optimization

Performance starts with a performance-optimizing compiler and libraries — both are key components of Intel System Studio. Intel’s optimizing C++ compiler offers higher performance for many applications by simple recompiling. Optimized libraries assist with image and signal procession, mathematical operations, data analytics, data compression, and parallelization of workloads.

An analysis tool, called the Intel Advisor, provides vectorization, optimization, and threading design feedback to help find the best opportunities for improvements.

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Advisor and VTune tools in Intel System Studio can help find and analyze opportunities to remove performance bottlenecks.

Intel VTune Amplifier, long known for being able to pinpoint what is really happening performance-wise, is outfitted in Intel System Studio with the ability to analyze data coming from systems being brought up, or IoT devices. The analysis of collected data is done from the comfort of the developer’s own system. Step by step, the process of system bring-up, and software development, is enhanced by the insights these tools give into what is really happening within the system. Insights into performance bottlenecks often lead to the sorts of insights that may in turn significantly improve the responsiveness and throughput of an application or system. Competitive advantages are possible when your own products are well optimized. VTune has long had the reputation of taking tasks that could easily drag on for days and make them possible in hours or minutes — bringing optimization time into line with demands for shortened development timelines. Power Optimization Energy analysis components of Intel System Studio help collect sleep state, frequency, and temperature data that help pinpoint software issues that can be at the root of unnecessary or unwanted power consumption. Intel System Studio 2019 includes an energy analysis solution tailored to the unique needs of system developers and embedded/IoT application developers, helping developers obtain better power and thermal efficiencies.

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Intel System Studio offers visualizations in Eclipse and VTune to examine accurate information about Temperature, C-State, S-State, and P-State activity – helping guide power optimization work.

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With the help of Intel System Studio, developers can quickly analyze their application software, boost performance, and increase power efficiency for diverse workloads across Intel processors to meet market requirements and production readiness.

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