5 pain points of modern software development—and how to overcome them

Struggling to keep up with rapid changes in business needs, technologies, skills requirements, and dev and ops duties? Keep these tips in mind

5 pain points of modern software development—and how to overcome them

Today’s digital savvy customers demand high quality software and websites, and they assume vendors will keep them updated with new features and capabilities. But keeping your customers engaged and satisfied requires agile application development processes and techniques, not to mention software engineers with the skills to leverage the latest development tools, technologies, and methodologies.

As a result, the world of the software developer has become exponentially more challenging. Let’s take a look at five critical pain points for modern software developers and how you can overcome them.

Reconciling misaligned goals

Pain point: Software developers often work with a less-than-complete understanding of the business requirements established by the business leaders and product owners. This can lead to misaligned goals that result in unnecessary and inappropriate features. Just as important, perhaps, it creates missed opportunities as developers focus on the wrong priorities. Put it all together, and you get dissatisfied customers who aren’t getting what they need.

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