OpenJDK Mobile: A plan to bring Java to iOS

OpenJDK Mobile would use ahead-of-time compilation to create Apple-approved executables that run without the JVM

A plan to bring Java to iOS

A proposal floating in the OpenJDK community seeks to jumpstart Java on Apple’s iOS. The plan involves restarting work on the OpenJDK Mobile project, which is intended to build the OpenJDK classes and API for iOS and Android, said Johan Vos, CTO at mobile developer Gluon.

Vos recently posted a bulletin pertaining to these efforts. OpenJDK Mobile centers on providing the same APIs in the latest version of the OpenJDK source repository to iOS and Android, leveraging tools familiar to Java developers. The first focus, though, is on iOS, which has lacked traditional support for Java. Apple has not allowed the Java Virtual Machine to run on the platform.

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