10 trusty JavaScript test tools

From simple test runners to complete testing frameworks, look to these proven tools to keep your JavaScript free of bugs

10 better JavaScript test tools
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The need to test JavaScript code is straightforward. How else to keep out the bugs and make sure applications run smoothly in the browser or on Node.js? Fortunately, developers have a plethora of options when it comes to JavaScript testing.

Test runners and frameworks for unit testing, integration testing, and functional testing are readily available for the JavaScript ecosystem, with coverage for Node.js and browsers as well as for the Angular and React frameworks. Following are 10 of the many noteworthy options JavaScript developers have to help them test their apps.


AVA is a test runner for Node.js that offers a concise API, detailed error output, and support for new language features and process isolation. AVA is best-suited for testing Node.js modules and server applications, but perhaps not for testing UI applications. Among its capabilities, AVA offers a feature to mark a test as a “to do” task. Each test file run is a separate process. Other benefits cited include AVA’s minimalism and speed, simple test syntax, and ability to run tests concurrently. AVA also has support for async functions and observables—an observable being a type that can be used to model push-based data sources such as DOM events.

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