10 best toolkits for blockchain programming

Look no further than these tried-and-tested libraries when building enterprise blockchain applications

10 best toolkits for blockchain programming
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Much of the energy and excitement in the world of the blockchain has focused on the cryptocurrencies, their skyrocketing valuations, and their astonishing collapses. Most of the enterprise world has sat quietly on the sidelines, popping some corn and settling back to enjoy the show.

That is slowly changing, though, as companies are starting to tip their toes into the turbulent waters. Some are tempted by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune because they want to accept the cryptocurrency just like the dollar or the euro. Others are more interested in the rock-solid authority offered by the crypto-enhanced blockchain and they want to use the hardcore math and science to bolster their own internal practices. They and their customers want some of the assurance offered by the battle-tested mechanisms.

Creating a bridge between the cautious, buttoned-down world of the enterprise and the wild, adventurous world of the blockchain is not for neophytes. Even if you’re avoiding the crypto currencies and sticking to the staid role of simply tracking and authenticating transactions, it’s important to get the cryptography correct. This isn’t a role for custom, original code. It’s better to stick with a well-established library, where the test of time and a devoted user community have squeezed out the errors.

The right library for your blockchain stack depends greatly on the way that your company is embracing the blockchain. Those who want to rely upon the blockchain as a source of truth for contracts will want libraries that interface with the different chains that are emerging. Those who want to connect with the different currencies will want to build a bridge with the different exchanges.

Here are 10 of the most exciting libraries that can act as a foundation for integrating blockchains into your enterprise software.


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