Why Oracle is happy to lose to AWS and MongoDB

Open source and cloud developers lead the charge away from Oracle’s database, but they're not where Oracle makes its money

Why Oracle is happy to lose to AWS and MongoDB
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Mark Hurd, the CEO of Oracle, is a numbers guy. In a recent CNBC interview, he was asked about competition from high-flying MongoDB. Rather than respond directly to the challenge, Hurd said, “Just look at the numbers and look at the facts, and see what they're telling you.”

The potential good news for Hurd is that those numbers and facts may keep Oracle comfy during its dotage. The potential bad news is that those same numbers and facts suggest Oracle has lost its way as a general-purpose database. Oracle is, in short, seems to have become the database CIOs will pick to run their business, but not to define their business. Is that a bad thing?

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