Alibaba offers its own Java distribution

Now in beta, Dragonwell8 JDK works only on 64-bit x86 Linux systems

Alibaba offers its own Java distribution

Make room, Oracle, SAP, and other Java distributors. E-commerce vendor Alibaba now has its own Java distribution too, the open source Dragonwell8 Java Development Kit (JDK).

The beta Alibaba Dragonwell8 is based on OpenJDK and Java SE (Standard Edition) 8. It is similar to the Amazon Corretto Java build and the Azul Zulu Java platform. Currently, Allibaba only works with Intel x86-64 Linux systems, with a focus on stability and enhancements for large-scale Java applications in data centers. A Dragonwell release is planned for every quarter. Dragonwell 11, based on Java SE 11, is due by 2020.

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