NPM Enterprise JavaScript service released

New features have been added to behind-the-firewall package service

NPM Enterprise JavaScript service released
Steve Johnson (CC0)

NPM Inc. has taken the beta label off its NPM Enterprise service, for enterprise-level management of JavaScript packages. NPM Enterprise has the same code base that powers the public NPM registry, but with added features.

With the production-level status, NPM Enterprise gains these new features:

  • Dedicated single-tenant hosting in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • A company-specific URL.
  • Role-based access control.
  • Support for industry-standard SSO (single sign-on) authentication.
  • Sharing of packages between and across teams.
  • Customizable workflows for collaboration and seamless CI/CD system integration.
  • Notification of known vulnerabilities through “npm audit."

NPM Enterprise has provided a platform for sharing modules behind the firewall, offering stricter security around deploying open source modules and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

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