CI/CD as a service: 10 tools for continuous integration and delivery in the cloud

From Bitbucket and GitLab to AWS CodePipeline and Travis CI, look to these 10 cloud services to automate your software builds, tests, and deployments

CI/CD as a service: Continuous integration and delivery in the cloud
Aleksei Derin / Getty Images

The cloud and continuous integration (CI) are a natural match. While the cloud frees us from the pain of installing and maintaining physical servers, continuous integration automates away much of the pain of building, testing, and deploying our code. If both aim to take work off the shoulders of development teams, it only makes sense to combine them and eliminate even more drudgery with one step.

There are many continuous integration services and they all do much the same thing, at least in an abstract sense. They begin with a list of the tasks like compiling or testing that must be accomplished before the world can appreciate the genius in your new software. When you commit your lines of code, the tools start working through the checklist until they run into a roadblock. If there are no roadblocks, everyone is happy.