Python 3 and data science top Python developer survey

JetBrains survey shows Python 3 adoption growing, with data analysis and web development as the leading Python use cases

Python 3 and data science top Python developer survey
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JetBrains, maker of the PyCharm IDE for Python, have released the results of the company’s Python Developers Survey for 2018, a snapshot of the tools, preferences, and sentiments of more than 20,000 enterprise and indie Python developers worldwide. The survey shows Python usage growing overall, with data analysis emerging as the main use case, while web development, testing, and automation are still going strong.

Of the Python developers surveyed, 84 percent said Python was their chief development language, with 50 percent citing JavaScript as their second choice. That HTML/CSS took third place at 47 percent hints at Python’s major role in building web applications—be they public-facing websites, private apps, or desktop apps equipped with a web front end (e.g., Electron).

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