Red Hat offers support for open source Java on Windows

Pricing is not disclosed for the new OpenJDK support program

Red Hat offers support for open source Java on Windows

Gunning for Oracle, Red Hat will soon offer long-term commercial support for standard Java on the Microsoft Windows platform for servers and workstations. Red Hat already supports OpenJDK on its own Enterprise Linux (RHEL) platform.

Red Hat will support its Windows distribution of OpenJDK, an open source version of standard Java that has been in beta for about a year. Red Hat’s OpenJDK distribution supports Java 11 and Java 8 for production workloads.

The support services for Windows range from patches for high-priority security vulnerabilities to helping businesses develop Java applications.

Different levels of support will be available, based on service-level agreements and on the number of workstation and server cores, but Red Hat would not disclose its pricing.

In June 2018. Oracle moved to a subscription model for commercial-level Java support instead of a perpetual license and an annual support fee.

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