What’s new in Gradle 5.0

The Java and Android build tool adds Kotlin support and updated Java support

What’s new in Gradle 5.0
Vudhikul Ocharoen / Getty Images

Gradle 5.0, a new version of the software build tool for Java and Android development, is now available as a release candidate, offering the Kotlin Version 1.0 domain-specific language (DSL), Java 11 support, and dependency version alignment.

Gradle 5.0 provides an editing experience for Kotlin in its supported IDEs: JetBrains’s IntelliJ Idea and Google’s Android Studio. The DSL will make it easier to write build logic using the Kotlin language, with improved completion, error highlighting, and refactoring tools.

Version 5.0 adds support for running builds with Java Development Kit 11, the latest production version of Java SE.

Dependency version alignment lets different modules in the same group have identical versions in a dependency graph. Maven bills of materials can be imported to define platforms as well.

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