How to use KNIME for data science

Free, open-source KNIME allows you to visually assemble data processing “nodes” into machine learning, deep learning, and other analytics workflows.

How to use KNIME for data science

KNIME (the K is silent, so it’s pronounced nīm) is a highly rated data analytics platform with wide applicability and many integrations with other products, such as with databases, languages, machine learning frameworks, and deep learning frameworks. The philosophy of KNIME is to be inclusive and “blend” whatever software and data sources you want to use.

The exploration, model building, visualization, reporting, and development portions of the platform are open source, as are the community extensions. KNIME Server, which provides collaboration, automation, management, and deployment capabilities, is commercial, as are the partner extensions. KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server are available for on-prem installation and for the AWS and Azure clouds.

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