New: Powered Services, benefit Partner capabilities

The new Powered Services from Huawei will be of tremendous benefit to our partners and their customers. Partners play an essential role in helping customers maximize the value of their Huawei ICT solutions. Huawei works together with partners in every aspect of the business, such as R&D, manufacturing, distribution, sales, promotion, and service.

The number of service partners worldwide now exceeds 3000 and the number of Huawei certified partner engineers exceeds 30.000. This clearly illustrates the great importance that Huawei attaches to its partners. Services, policies and collaboration models are continuously improved to provide greater benefit to our partners. The new Huawei Powered Services involve the whole service lifecycle, and leverages the Huawei technology platform and service partner experience to help customers succeed.

Huawei describes the network life cycle in three phases: Plan, Build, and Run, and all three phases are included in the Huawei Powered Services. For the Run phase Huawei already offers Co-Care to partners, which helps them quickly resolve customer problems. For the Plan and Build phases Huawei is now offering new Powered Services such as Huawei Powered WLAN design service, Huawei Powered Implementation Service, and Huawei Powered Management Service. In the future more Powered Services will be added.

Huawei uses advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, to accelerate and simplify services. The Huawei platform, together with the partner's support capabilities, are therefore able to quickly and effectively respond to customer problems.

With the launch of Powered Services, Huawei service partners will be able to fully utilize their capabilities, and better adapt their services to customers’ operational and technical needs.

Huawei Powered Services:

Huawei Powered WLAN design service

The deployment of a wireless network is very complicated because each situation is different. For example, an office environment has many connected users and mobile devices which move from one place to another. The voice and video conferencing facilities have high bandwidth and low latency requirements. If the wireless network coverage is weak it will affect the office efficiency and productivity. In a hotel, if the wireless network coverage is poor it will impact the guest experience.

With this Powered Service the WLAN design and the user experience will be improved, while shortening the implementation of WLAN projects.

Huawei Powered Implementation Service

Normally support is provided on a technical installation that is already operational. But sometimes technical problems occur during the project installation. This service provides remote technical support to service partners to solve technical issues during the installation.

This will avoid exceeding the project delivery time commitment and prevent potential customer dissatisfaction.

Huawei Powered Management Service This service is particularly suitable for customers who regularly experience IT downtime, or their IT management is passive and relying entirely on people rather than platforms and processes. The Powered Management Service can change the IT management from passive to active, and resolve potential problems before they occur. This service uses automation and ITSM based management tools.

Huawei provides a remote management platform and remote technical support to help service partners monitor the networks of their customers, so that they can quickly identify and solve problems, and make suggestions to optimize availability and performance the system.

With this service the customer will reduce or even eliminate downtime. At the same time, through remote operation and maintenance, the partner on-site service can be reduced and the customer satisfaction will improve.

Huawei aspires to be the partner of choice for enterprises and governments around the world; only by delivering world-class service we can accomplish this vision. We want our service partners to grow with us, and thrive equally while we enable the Digital Transformation of many companies. These are exciting times, and we are humbled by this challenge, but proud to be at the center of a global business revolution.

To learn more about Huawei Services, please go to http://e.huawei.com/en/services; or contact your local Huawei Service representatives or Huawei channel service manager.

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