JDK 12 beta: The new features coming to Java 12

The first beta builds are available, with switch expressions to improve coding and allow pattern matching, and raw string literals to simplify multiline expressions

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The first beta builds—Build 18—of Java Development Kit (JDK) 12, the next version of Java SE, are available from Oracle for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. And more new features have been revealed, bringing the total to nine. The newest announced featres are the Shenandoah garbage collector, abortable mixed collections for the G1 garbage collector, an enhancement to return unused memory, and an API proposal for JVM constants.

Where to download the beta JDK 12 builds

You can download the beta JDK 12 builds from the Java.net website.

The open source builds, which are produced to gather feedback, might have functionality that does not make it into the production release, which is due in March 19, 2019. They also might be missing security vulnerability fixes and are not supported by Oracle.

The planned new features in Java 12

Shenandoah garbage collector

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