What’s new in Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac

Version 7.6 improves code editing and Azure capabilities

Microsoft has released Visual Studio for Mac Version 7.6, focused on reliability, particularly in code editing.

Improvements also have been made in performance and support for Azure cloud functions. New templates enable publishing of a function to Azure. But Microsoft emphasized code editing with the Version 7.6 release.

Improvements in the code editing include:

  • JavaScript syntax highlighting has been improved.
  • IntelliSense has been improved for developers using the F# language, with the resolution of an issue in which “.” could not be used for autocompletion.
  • An IntelliSense problem was fixed in which red squiggles persisted even when there were no errors,
  • A fix was made to an issue in which Quick Fix items were not being displayed if source analysis was disabled.
  • A situation where tooltips would not disappear was fixed.

For the IDE, Microsoft improved tag-based classification for C#, reusing Visual Studio for Windows code. This is expected to improve typing performance in the editor. Also, to speed up NuGet restore on solution loads, no-op restore of NuGet packages is supported during opening of a solution. Startup time has been improved in the IDE and memory consumption reduced.

For Azure Functions, providing event-driven compute services on demand in a serverless fashion, Version 7.6 has templates for configuring access rights, connection strings, and other binding properties. The upgrade also lets developers publish functions to the Azure Portal. Developers can right-click on project name and choose Publish > Publish to Azure.

Where to download Visual Studio for Mac

You can download Visual Studio for Mac from Microsoft’s Visual Studio project site.

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