Polymorphism and inheritance in Java

Challenge yourself, with this brain-teasing introduction to Java method invocation in polymorphic method calls.

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Also remember that method overriding is not method overloading.

It’s impossible to override a method if the parameters are different. It is possible to change the return type of the overridden method if the return type is a subclass of the superclass method.

What to remember about polymorphism

  • The created instance will determine what method will be invoked when using polymorphism.
  • The @Override annotation obligates the programmer to use an overridden method; if not, there will be a compiler error.
  • Polymorphism can be used with normal classes, abstract classes, and interfaces.
  • Most design patterns depend on some form of polymorphism.
  • The only way to use a specific method in your polymorphic subclass is by using casting.
  • It’s possible to design a powerful structure in your code using polymorphism.
  • Run your tests. Doing this, you will be able to master this powerful concept!

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