Microsoft brings Python coding help beyond Visual Studio

The beta extension is available now, with the full Python Language Server implementation due by 2019

Microsoft brings Python coding help beyond Visual Studio
Mike (CC BY 2.0)

Microsoft plans to extend IntelliSense code analysis for Python to tools beyond Visual Studio, using its Python Language Server. IntelliSense provides autocompletions for variables, functions, and other symbols that appear as developers type code.

Available as a beta in the July release of the Python extension for Visual Studio, the Python Language Server will be offered later this year as a standalone component for use with tools that support the Language Server Protocol. That protocol lets editing tools and IDEs support multiple languages.

The Python Language Server uses iterative program analysis to track variable types in a project while simulating code execution. The result is a black box that takes Python code and offers all the information an editor needs to for tool tips, completions, finding definitions and references, and renaming global variable. The server works with the .Net Core development platform on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, supporting Python 2.5 through Python 3.7.

Where to download the Python Language Server extension

You can download the Python Language Server extension for Visual Studio Code from the Visual Studio Marketplace. The standalone Python Language Server, when it arrives, will be offered under an Apache 2.0 license.

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