Visual Studio 2019 roadmap: The features you can expect

Collaboration and AI will get attention along with performance and productivity

Visual Studio 2019 roadmap: The features you can expect

Microsoft’s vision for Visual Studio 2019, the next major version of its signature IDE, emphasizes collaboration and cloud development as well as familiar areas like performance, reliability, and productivity.

The blueprint for Visual Studio 2019, as well as Visual Studio for Mac, also calls for easy upgrades. But Visual Studio 2019 remains in the early planning phase, with no timeline for betas or production release.

Here’s what Microsoft has revealed so far about its plans:

  • It will continue to explore connected capabilities such as Live Share, for users to collaborate in real time on the same code base worldwide.
  • It wants to investigate making cloud development situations, such as working with online source repositories, smoother.
  • Enhancements for AI-assisted development via IntelliCode and use of the Azure cloud to deliver AI-powered assistance to developers.
  • Operational enhancements such as additional refactoring, quicker application load, faster builds, improved navigation, and improved debugging.