Visual Studio 2017 roadmap: The new features you can expect

Microsoft adds capabilities to the Visual Studio IDE almost every month. Here's what you can expect for the rest of 2018.

Visual Studio 2017 roadmap: The new features you can expect

Microsoft has published a roadmap of features planned for Visual Studio 2017 in 2018.

Some key capabilities anticipated by June 2018 include:

  • Setup of continuous delivery for the Azure Functions serverless computing platform.
  • Faster switching of Git branches.
  • Just-in-time debugging for .Net Core.
  • Customizing of the Visual Studio installation location to reduce the footprint on the system drive.
  • Improved startup and load performance.
  • Full C++ 17 conformancein the Microsoft C++ compiler and libraries.
  • Creation of F#Net Core projects.
  • Ability to fix code style violations via one-click code cleanup.
  • Improved Python debugging experience.
  • Full support for .Net Core 2.1, which will be in a beta version.

For July through September 2018, planned key features include:

  • Multicursor and multiselection editing.
  • Use of Visual Studio across different monitors with different DPI measurements.
  • Creation of F# Azure Functions projects.
  • Using language services implemented by the Language Server protocol.
  • Faster running of Live Unit tests after edits.
  • Opening any set of folders to provide for a customizable, shareable workspace.
  • Use of an updated Visual Studio Performance Center to optimize settings for extensions and components; this will improve IDE performance.
  • Publishing to Visual Studio Marketplace via the command line.
  • Use of the snapshot debugger for Azure Services.
  • Improved compatibility with assistive technologies.

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