4 enterprise GitHub projects from Google

These open source projects can make your life easier

Open source is everywhere, and is quickly becoming the new norm for how companies approach software development. Here, we take at a look at some of the open source projects on GitHub created by Google that can help make life easier for IT teams in organizations.


Find it at https://github.com/ganeti/ganeti

What it does: Ganeti is a virtual machine cluster management tool designed to facilitate cluster management of virtual servers and to provide fast and simple recovery after physical failures using commodity hardware.

Why is it useful: Once installed, Ganeti wraps around virtualization software on your servers, assuming management of virtual instances. It controls disk creation management and operating system installation for instances, as well as startup, shutdown, and failover between physical systems.

Error Prone

Find it at https://github.com/google/error-prone

What it does: Error Prone is a Java bug detection and static analysis tool. It is integrated into the Java compiler and catches bugs at compile time.

Why is it useful: Error Prone augments the compiler’s type analysis so you can catch more mistakes before they end up as bugs in production. It tells you about mistakes immediately after they’re made and produces suggested fixes, allowing you to build tooling on it.


Find it at https://github.com/google/copybara

What it does: Copybara is a tool for transforming and moving code among repositories.

Why is it useful: Source code needs to exist in multiple repositories and Copybara allows you to transform and move source code between these repositories.

Copybara requires you to choose one of the repositories to be the authoritative repository so there is always one source of truth. That for example, allows a confidential repository and a public repository to be maintained in sync.


Find it at https://github.com/google/cloudprober

What it does: Cloudprober is an active monitoring software to detect failures.

Why is it useful: Cloudprober is a monitoring software that makes it supereasy to monitor availability and performance of various components of your system by running probes against (or on) your components to verify that they are working as expected.

Use cases include verifying your front end can reach your back end, or that your in-cloud VMs can reach your on-premises systems.

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