Ruby (finally) gains in popularity, but Go plateaus

No longer an up-and-comer, Ruby seems to be settling in as a mature language for the long term

Ruby gains in Tiobe language popularity index
Jarno (CC BY 2.0)

After falling out of the Tiobe language popularity index’s Top 10 last year, the Ruby language has reversed course and is getting more popular lately. Meanwhile, in the separate, twice-yearly Redmonk Programming Language Rankings, the Google Go language (Golang) declined in popularity.

Ruby’s move into maturity

In this month’s Tiobe index, Ruby rose to the ninth spot and had a rating of 2.744 percent. Ruby was in tenth place last month, with a rating of rating of 2.534 percent. Before February 2018, the language had been out of the Top 10 for several months. It finished in 13th place in November. In October 2017, Ruby was in tenth place, with a 2.234 rating. Tiobe bases its ratings on a formula assessing searches on languages in popular search engines.

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