Stack Overflow adds developer IQ scores to profiles

Developers can test—and publicize—their proficiency across 63 categories

Through a partnership with IT trainer Pluralsight, developers can add skills-assessment scores to their Stack Overflow profiles.

By taking an online test on specific technology topics across 63 categories—such as the Angular framework, Java, and Python—developers can post their Pluralsight IQ, a score indicating their proficiency in particular skills sought by employers, on their Stack OverFlow Developer Story. Developers take a test with about 20 to 25 questions and receive a time-stamped score of from 0 to 300.

If a developer answers a questioned classified as easy, he or she is then given a harder question. If the developer answers incorrectly, an easier question could follow. Time limits for each question prevent developers from researching answers online.

Developers update their IQ scores by taking new tests as new versions of a technology are released. Tests are written by a network of experts who also create Pluralsight courses. Developers are not required to take the company’s courses as part of the testing.

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