What’s new in Google’s V8 JavaScript engine Version 6.7

The V8 Version 6.7 beta focuses focuses on language features and security

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A new beta of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine is now available.

V8 is a staple in both the Chrome browser and the Node.js JavaScript runtime. WebAsembly is also supported in Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge, though those browsers do not use V8.

Future version: New features in V8 Version 6.7 beta

Google’s V8 JavaScriptengine is getting enhancements for language features and security with the Version 6.7 branch, which is now in beta.

Due for production release in a few weeks, the V8 6.7 engine has BigInt support enabled by default. Expected in a future version of ECMAScriptBigInts serve as a numeric primitive in JavaScript to represent integers with arbitrary precision. With BigInt, it is possible to perform integer arithmetic without overflowing. BigInt could serve as the basis of an eventual BigDecimal implementation, useful for representing sums of money with decimal precision.

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