QlikView vs. Tableau: Which is best for you?

This IT Central Station report compares real users? feedback on QlikView and Tableau

QlikView vs. Tableau: What do real users think? This short report from IT Central Station provides the answer:

“As a consultant for my organisation using Qlik to design management dashboards, analysis and ad hoc reports I have seen the way it has helped many of our clients get the desired reports and analysis for their stakeholders and top directors which would normally take time and difficulty to get,” wrote one QlikView user.

While one Tableau user suggested: “I have been using Tableau since 2006; 3.5 years as an employee of Tableau Software and seven years as a trainer/consultant. The more robust features include improved geo-encoding…”

IT Central Station collates helpful feedback from over 40,000 comparisons. It highlights areas where these products have made a clear business difference, how they can be improved upon, along with other products in the space that may be worth investigating. Read user reviews on QlikView and Tableau here.

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