IBM QRadar vs. Splunk: Which analytics platform is best for you?

This IT Central Station report compares real users’ feedback on IBM QRadar and Splunk

If you can’t decide which analytics platform to go with, this report includes real user feedback to help you can make an informed choice.

“Splunk has a single purpose in life: ingest machine data and help analyse and visualise that data. The breadth of the data sources that it can ingest data from is broad and deep and it does an exemplary job at handling structured data,” wrote one Splunk user.

“In addition to giving CISO’s gained visibility and increasing security posture, QRadar adheres to many compliance regulations across vertical industries,” suggested one IBM user.

IT Central Station collates helpful feedback from real users to provide an unbiased overview of each solution. It highlights areas where these products have made a difference within an organisation, how they can be improved upon, along with other products in the space that may be worth investigating. Read “IBM QRadar vs. Splunk: A Peek Into What Real Users Think” here.

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