Why serverless deployment could be especially valuable to African businesses

Serverless deployment is the next frontier in app hosting. How can business in Africa benefit from this shift?

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Serverless deployments have been around for several years, but now they are gradually beginning to see global adoption, from small developers to large organisations.

What is serverless architecture?

Well, in actual fact, there is a server, but it is further abstracted from the user. Once an http request is sent through an application, an instance of the server is created. It runs the request and once the request is returned to the user, the server dies.

This means that for applications that do not need a constant connection to the server, they are charged only for the resources that the incoming requests use. This puts serverless hosting on the pay-as-you-go model.

Why might it be particularly helpful in Africa?

There are aspects of serverless infrastructure that companies in Africa can seriously benefit from. The low number of data centres in most regions in Africa will still mean that most organisations will have their applications hosted in the cloud. Serverless applications mostly rely on cloud services.

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