8 boutique cloud service providers you should know

Sometimes, the big guys are just too big. If you want a personal, custom, industry-specific managed cloud service provider, try these

8 boutique cloud service providers you should know

If you were a big company, you would probably run your cloud services on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Companies of any size can use them, of course. They make it easy to sign up, with free offerings and specialized tools that let you outsource everything from contact management to machine learning to IoT deployments. But if you are a small legal firm in Canada or a startup in Detroit, you might discover that these huge operations do not offer the sort of human attention you crave when it comes to running elements essential to the core of your business.

What are the chances, for example, that when you call Amazon, the person who picks up in the call center will know more about your business operations than the name and scant details that pop up on a screen? What are the chances that you will get to talk to the same person twice when you call, frantic and looking for not just help but also reassurance, in the middle of the night?

That’s where the boutique cloud comes in. They are smaller. Their phones are staffed by people who work there. They want to help you build your business. Because it is companies like yours that are helping them build theirs.

The problem? Knowing which one of these services best fits the niche you occupy in the cloud ecosystem. To that end, we rounded up some of the best and broke down what they do. Here are eight recommended boutique purveyors of cloud services. Maybe you will find exactly the specialist to build out your online services.


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