Pivotal will bring serverless computing to Cloud Foundry

But the events-based Pivotal Function Services won’t be generally accessible until 2018

Pivotal will bring serverless computing to Cloud Foundry
Pete Linforth (CC0)

Serverless computing is coming to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry cloud computing platform, in the form of Pivotal Function Services. There’s no firm release date, but Pivotal says it’s aiming for early 2018.

With serverless computing, events happen only in response to events in an on-demand manner; Amazon Web Services’ AWS Lambda is perhaps the best-known service in this genre. Other companies also have jumped on this growing bandwagon: Google, for example, offers its Cloud Functions platform and Microsoft has Azure Functions.

Pivotal Function Service features

Pivotal Function Service is part of the company’s Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.0 rollout. Pivotal’s cloud platform can be deployed by users in both public and private clouds. Features of Pivotal Function Service include:

  • Developers can trigger activity based on data sent either by users or messaging systems such as Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ.
  • Functions are built, based on small snippets of code, which are then executed in PCF in response to events.
  • Containers also can be deployed, with the Kubernetes container orchestration platform.
  • Development with multiple languages is supported, including Java and Node.js.
  • The platform is based on an open source framework that Pivotal expects to make available in coming weeks.

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