AWS streamlines cloud services for JavaScript developers

Amplify library provides declarative way to work with cloud services, rather than through service contracts

AWS streamlines cloud services for JavaScript developers

Amazon Web Services has developed a declarative JavaScript library, AWS Amplify, to aid building cloud-enabled applications via categories of cloud services instead of via individual service contracts.

AWS Amplify features

The AWS Amplify library supports multiple category scenarios, including:

  • Auth, featuring a module providing authentication APIs and capabilities. Credentials are offered for the AWS Signature Version 4 signing process and tokens from the Amazon Cognito sign-in service for web and mobile apps.
  • Analytics, for tracking users in the Amazon Pinpoint tracking application. Pinpoint enables targeted marketing.
  • Storage, providing commands to upload, download and list content in the Amazon S3 cloud storage service.
  • An LRU (least recently used) cache interface across web and React Native applications using implementation-specific persistence.
  • i18n and logging for internationalization and localization.

Amazon also is offering AWS Mobile CLI, providing command-line capabilities for front-end JavaScript developers to integrate back-end resources into mobile apps. Developers can build serverless back ends with the AWS Lambda service, for putting cloud functionality into a project. Amplify then allows common configuration from this process to be accessed from a line of code.

Although the default Amplify implementation works with Amazon Web Services cloud resources, the library can also be used with other cloud services as a pluggable resource.

Where to download AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify can be accessed as an NPM package as aws-amplify. Developers using it with the React Native library should download the aws-amplify-react-native package on NPM instead. AWS Mobile CLI can be accessed via NPM as awsmobile-cli.

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