How to improve your scrum master skills

Building your scrum master skills leads to a several career opportunities. Here are the skills that will take you to the next level

If you’ve been a scrum master for some time, you have learned some of the practices that make teams successful:

  • You know how to help teams commit and deliver results at the end of sprints.
  • You handle blocks so that they aren’t impediments to the team completing more difficult user stories.
  • You know how to run the fundamental meetings including commitment, standups, demos, and retrospectives.

You also have developed some strategies to work with product owners:

  • You help them groom their backlogs and prioritize the user stories that drive business value.
  • You provide feedback on user stories to ensure they follow best practices on format and provide a clear definition on who the customer is, what value the story provides them, why it’s important, and what constraints must be met in the implementation.
  • You update product owners the sprint status and articulate any risks or blocks the team escalates.

But what are the next set of scrum master skills that you should master? This article details what you should learn and do to become an elite scrum master.

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