Microsoft debuts beta Visual Studio Tools for AI

Microsoft also has new tools for machine learning applications in IoT devices, Apple's Core ML, and Azure SQL

Microsoft debuts beta Visual Studio Tools for AI

Microsoft has released a beta version of its Visual Studio Tools for AI, an extension to the company’s signature Visual Studio 2017 IDE that lets developers and data scientists embed deep learning models into applications. Visual Studio Tools for AI supports deep learning frameworks such as Microsoft’s Cognitive Toolkit and Google’s TensorFlow.

Microsoft also offers AI support for its Visual Studio Code editor via a cross-platform extension called Visual Studio Code Tools for AI.

Where to download Visual Studio Tools for AI

Developers can get the AI extension for Visual Studio at the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Microsoft’s new AI tools roster

Other new AI tools from Microsoft include:

  • The beta Azure IoT Edge cloud service for deploying intelligence to IoT devices.
  • Azure Machine Learning Update, which integrates wth Azure IoT Edge and supports model deployment on Apple’s Core ML machine learning platform for iOS devices. Developers can train models and deploy them to edge devices.
  • The beta Azure SQL Database Machine Learning Service, which supports  R language-based learning models inside SQL Database.

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